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Brexit is back, Economies are restarting and Tech stocks lead the wayCreated: 2nd Jun 2020

  The US Stock Market recovered 6% in May, but is all as rosy as it seems? Brexit is back on the agenda in the UK and lockdown lifts again as Primary schools, car showrooms and market stalls re-open. Impacts on the stocks and FX markets are likely this week, especially ahead of a MASSIVE ECB meeting on Thursday and Nonfarm payroll on Friday, where 8 million job losses are expected. We hope you enjoy the session.   In-depth market analysis  New month. positive outcome for stocks in May (S&P up 6%), as risk recovery continues, aided and abetted by central banks and governments throwing the kitchen sink at it.   Whit Monday Holiday in Europe today with many markets closed. Dax shut although Eurostoxx open apparently  Generally Far East markets recovered overnight, with US indices indicating an unchanged opening this afternoon.     US / China relations were on the front pages last week but despite all that equities continued to move forward. Trump announced Friday that the US would remove Hong Kong’s special status as a semi-autonomous region in China, following the move to implement a new security law in the...

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TINA is back and she’s buying Tech stocksCreated: 14th May 2020

Amazing recovery in the stock market indices with the Nasdaq now well up for the year, and within touching distance of an all time high. But this demonstrates with disparity in the stock market rally with many stocks struggling, it is the tech stocks that lead the way. In today’s session we review this, BoJo’s lockdown easing update, Disneyland reopening in Shanghai, full Airplanes in the US and taking a bath in oil. Fascinating times making for some very interesting markets. We hope you enjoy the session....

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Optimism over Lifting the LockdownCreated: 1st May 2020

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US Stock Guidance and Economic Re-opening Created: 23rd Apr 2020

The biggest 2 week rally on US stocks for over 80 years provides the back-drop for today’s Podcast, where Adrian and Jerry look at US Earnings (and more importantly future guidance) and the gradual unlocking of Western Economies including Germany as the number of new cases starts to reduce. Also discussed is the incredible fall in WTI Crude Oil prices as it slumps to an unbelievable $13 per barrel. We hope you enjoy the session....

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Market News - Week Commencing 13th April Created: 13th Apr 2020

Market News Markets continued to recover last week as some data suggested slight curve flattening in the worst affected countries in Europe. Central banks continued to provide support to the market Review   FTSE  +427 +7.89%  DAX +1038 +10.91% DOW Jones +2666 +12.67%  S&P500 +301 +12.10%  Nikkei +1678 +9.42% EURUSD +1.23 +1.13% GBPUSD +0.67 +0.54%  USDJPY unch Gold +64 +3.95%  UKOil -3.17 -9% USOil -5.62 -19.5%   Equities continued their risk correction as equity funds recorded a second week of inflows. News that China was easing some of its lockdown measures added general support whilst investors responded to the positive developments in Europe and the US, the new global epicentre for the epidemic, as infection rates and mortality rates seem to be decelerating. US equities had the best weekly performance since the Great Depression as stock markets responded positively to the start of the flattening of the epidemic curve. US indices have now rallied 25% from their lows on 23rd March. The FTSE100 has also recovered nearly 20% from its lows, whilst the Dax (GER30) has rebounded 28%. The question remains – what will be the lasting impact on economic growth in the world’s major economies and has the market priced in the risk correctly. Clearly the persistent volatility suggests...

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