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Market News - Week Commencing 12th AprilCreated: 12th Apr 2021

12-04-2021 Markets weaker overnight in Far East despite jump in Alibaba which rallied 5% following the $2.8Bln fine from Chinese regulators re anti competitive practices. Clearly the consensus for a greater fine and this now puts the inquiry to bed. US markets may be given a further boost today...

Category: Market News

Live Trading for a big winner on GoldCreated: 17th Feb 2021

People are often asking me to call a live trade in our free introductory events, and whilst that isn’t the purpose of these screenshare sessions, it is something that I like to do from time to time. This week, I was teaching the merits of the 4-hour timeframe, which I consider extremely underrated by many home traders. During the workshop, I also explained some of the...

Category: Market News

Gold and Oil making big moves for big profitsCreated: 8th Feb 2021

I just had to do a video on the recent moves on Gold and Oil. You know, we are always asked about whether we trade commodities. And whilst the answer is yes, it is important to know they move faster than FX, which means wider stops and typically smaller stakes. That said, when they move, they really move and can pick up some significant moves. For...

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10 wins in a row for EURUSDCreated: 2nd Feb 2021

I had to give an update on EURUSD for the D1 Accelerator strategy which continues to pick up fantasitic gains for traders. Yesterday we hit target for the 10th winning trade in a row since October. Nice bite size winners, all hitting target within...

Category: Trade of the day

Fantastic Continuation Trades on the Dax for +50 points profitCreated: 26th Jan 2021

Very strong morning on the Dax, all starting from a pre-market buy at 7:04 – too early for trading really, but it sets the scene for an extremely strong session, after the market opens. Another buy at 7.44 before we hit our Trade of the Day...

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