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Covid Cases rise, but so do Stocks and the likelihood of a V-Shaped RecoveryCreated: 7th Jul 2020

In today’s Podcast Adrian and Jerry review the forex, stock and commodity markets over the past week and what to look our for in the week ahead. In this week’s Podcast, we discuss the presidential election and the impact on Stocks and...

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Lockdown extensions to this “V” shaped recoveryCreated: 2nd Jul 2020

  In today’s Podcast Adrian and Jerry review the markets since last week, looking at the US resuming Lockdown in republican Florida and Texas. We review the impact on the Risk-off markets as the stock markets fell at the end of...

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2 great trades for different reasons on GBPUSDCreated: 25th Jun 2020

  Big moves on GBP lately, with Brexit back on the table, and that’s creating some attractive swings and momentum changes for our traders. In this video Adrian takes a look at 2 recent opportunities for the S4 Accelerator...

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Stocks and Trump RallyCreated: 24th Jun 2020

  In today’s Podcast Adrian and Jerry take a look at the main factors imnpacting the stock and forex markets including Covid, Trump’s election lag, reopening economies, and yes as ever we talk of our good friend TINA. Some...

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The Fed and the 2nd wave hits the stock marketCreated: 17th Jun 2020

Jay Powell’s guidance was the catalyst for the biggest stock market fall since March as he warned of a slower than expect recovery for the US economy, alongside unwelcome news of an increase in cases sparking fears of the 2nd wave...

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