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US Stock Guidance and Economic Re-opening Created: 23rd Apr 2020

The biggest 2 week rally on US stocks for over 80 years provides the back-drop for today’s Podcast, where Adrian and Jerry look at US Earnings (and more importantly future guidance) and the gradual unlocking of Western Economies including...

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Market News - Week Commencing 13th April Created: 13th Apr 2020

Market News Markets continued to recover last week as some data suggested slight curve flattening in the worst affected countries in Europe. Central banks continued to provide support to the market Review   FTSE  +427 +7.89%  DAX +1038 +10.91% DOW Jones +2666 +12.67%  S&P500 +301 +12.10%  Nikkei +1678...

Category: Market News

Markets Stabilise and volatility drops as infection curve flattensCreated: 13th Apr 2020

  Suddenly the markets look a bit flatter. Smaller ranges and a bit more normal. That said, it is hardly normal in the outside (or should we say “inside”) world, with many countries in lockdown or social distancing. In...

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Even Dead Cats Bounce on $2 TrillionCreated: 9th Apr 2020

Jerry & Adrian discuss the majoy market reactions to the unprecedented $2 Trillion stimulus package approved in the US last week, including one of the biggest Stock Market rallies of all time, and some pretty major moves on the USD. But where...

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Check out our BRAND NEW D1 Accelerator StrategyCreated: 24th Mar 2020

Today’s video gives a run through of our new D1 Accelerator strategy for Swing traders. Faster than the standard strategy, this gives home traders faster entries and greater potential. Check it out....

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