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Identifying a new trade on EURUSDCreated: 7th Feb 2020

Something a bit different in today’s video; Adrian takes a look at as potential new trade on EURUSD coming up tonight. It isn’t ready yet, but the trends are aligned and we are just waiting for confirmation.

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Client feedback – about today’s trades called in the Live Trading RoomCreated: 7th Feb 2020

  I have just come off the line with James Wright, one of our Trader Coaches, who hosted today’s Live Trading Room session. He had a great sessions calling 2 winners on the Dax as part of our live training, but was was more...

Category: Trade of the day

Another 140 points profit day-trading the DowCreated: 7th Feb 2020

  The markets continue to produce. Sure, I know it looks a bit complicated, but these strategies are following a specific set of rules.Learn the rules - and it all becomes a whole lot clearer. In today’s video, Adrian Buthee...

Category: Trade of the day

The Stock markets continue to plunge from Coronavirus.Created: 4th Feb 2020

The Coronavirus continue to dominate the headlines, affecting anything to do with China, with concerns mounting of a China slowdown. Today’s Podcast will look at the effect on Resources (Copper), Currencies (AUDUSD and NZDUSD) and the global...

Category: Podcast

How to make 180 points (in one day) trading with the trendCreated: 4th Feb 2020

  A great finish to a tumultuous week on the US indices last week. The trends continuing to be our friend as we picked up +180 points profit trading exclusively with the longer term trend. Todays’ video assess the...

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