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A detailed review on the most recent GBP trading opportunitiesCreated: 14th Sep 2021

A number of recent opportunities on the GBP currency pairs for Trendsignal members. In this video, Adrian Buthee reviews these opportunities and how they can be traded, whether with or against the longer term trends....

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Market News - Week Commencing 26th JulyCreated: 26th Jul 2021

So last weeks events were a bit thin on the ground, but the ECB policy meeting was probably the most important. The governing council or rate setting committee, that sets rates and monetary policy, announced a slight change to their forward guidance. This included the announcement that the ECB is in no rush to raise...

Category: Market News

Market News – Investors poised for bumper Q2 resultsCreated: 12th Jul 2021

Well, the Euro2020 dream is over.   But I think we can all agree that the lads did us proud.   And with Gareth Southgate’s vision and the immense talent we are already seeing in such a young squad, hopefully we have some good years ahead for English football. But let’s move on and focus our attention back on the markets and the...

Category: Market News

Market News - Week Commencing 5th JulyCreated: 5th Jul 2021

Dear Fellow Trader,   What a fantastic result for England on Saturday!   Is football coming home? Plenty think it is… and after that performance, the nation got a boost in confidence, that’s for sure.   Let’s see what the guys can do against the Danes on Wednesday.   In the meantime,...

Category: Market News

A look back on all the latest FX trades - 7 WinnersCreated: 1st Jul 2021

 A slightly longer trade recap than expected from Adrian, but in this video he looks at the Scanner tool and all the trades triggering 3 bars ago… the idea being that this Accelerator strategy has a typical...

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