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GBP Rising to 1.4000? - Trendsignal Weekly PodcastCreated: 8th Oct 2019

Brexit is back on the agenda (did it ever leave!). Today, after reviewing Ukraingate, the major events and trades from last week we explore the impact of a Brexit Deal, No Deal and Extension on the price of the GBP, talking about what might...

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Trade of the - USD/JPYCreated: 4th Oct 2019

Another great trade identified by our D1 Strategy - Today’s trade of the day is on USD/JPY on our daily charts. This trade occurred on the 2nd of October and closed out yesterday with an impressive 59.5 pips profit. Our...

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - GBP/NZDCreated: 3rd Oct 2019

Today’s trade of the day is an S4 trade occurring on the GBP/NZD Pairing. Occurring at 10:00pm last night, it closed out this morning securing us an impressive 72 pips profit - trading at...

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Trade of the day - CopperCreated: 2nd Oct 2019

Today’s trade is an end of day trade occurring on Copper. We entered this trade on Wednesday 18th September and closed out yesterday afternoon with 127 pips of profit. Our trading strategies and course at Trendsignal will...

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Podcast 02/10/2019 – Trading through the AcronymsCreated: 2nd Oct 2019

  Today’s podcast reviews the current market news and events, including US Interest Rate and Unemployment Data and the impacts it is having on Forex, Indices and Commodity markets, especially EUR/USD,...

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