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Latest market news for the w/c 5th August 2019Created: 5th Aug 2019

The latest market news for the week ahead, including the Chinese Renminbi, FTSE, Dax and much more... Click here to watch now!...

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Important Financial News for the week ahead - 29th JulyCreated: 29th Jul 2019

The latest market news for the w/c 29th July. You can attend one of our free trading workshops and learn more about financial markets. Click here to...

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Latest Market News for w/c 22nd July 2019Created: 22nd Jul 2019

Your important financial news for the week ahead - including Crude Oil, Stock Markets, the upcoming election for the Conservative Party and much more.  ...

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Trade of the day - USD/CHFCreated: 12th Jul 2019

Today’s trade of the day is on the USD/CHF on our daily charts. We entered this long trade last week and hit our target of 71.2 pips on Tuesday. Trading at £3 a pip, that is over £200 profit! We have averaged +950 pips a month and generated consistent results over the past six years!  Do you have 20 minutes a day to put towards transforming your financial future?...

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Trade of the day - EUR/USDCreated: 10th Jul 2019

A great trade today on the EUR/USD pairing!  We entered this trade last week and exited safely yesterday afternoon, with a profit of 79 pips! Trading at £3 per pip, that’s £237 just on this trade alone! Our trading strategies and course at Trendsignal will help you trade profitably by identifying key forex signals. This trading strategy only takes 20 minutes...

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