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Fantastic Continuation Trades on the Dax for +50 points profitCreated: 26th Jan 2021

Very strong morning on the Dax, all starting from a pre-market buy at 7:04 – too early for trading really, but it sets the scene for an extremely strong session, after the market opens. Another buy at 7.44 before we hit our Trade of the Day...

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Picking up over 1600 points within 3 days.Created: 11th Jan 2021

The Stock indices continue to move to positive territory as we see the Dax move to record highs this week. All in all, a very strong risk-on week for the stock market and US Dollar weakness, and Trendsignal traders saw that from the opportunities...

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4 fantastic Sniper buy trades on the EURUSDCreated: 7th Jan 2021

As the US Dollar continue to slide, the D1 Accelerator strategy continue to pick up great winning trades. In this video, Adrian Buthee review’s the last 4 buy trades and how the strategy looks for quick scalps off the Daily chart, for trades...

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– 40 point profit in a few hours from this Daily chart “scalp”Created: 10th Dec 2020

Another great Buy trade on the AUD/JPD for the D1 (Daily Chart) Accelerator strategy. We have had 3 buys in the last 3 weeks, all quickly hitting target and in this video Adrian reviews the opportunities and the merits of each one, including...

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£240 profit as we resume trading after the US Election.Created: 6th Nov 2020

After pausing trading for 2 days over the US election, we resume trading with a fantastic BUY trade on NZDCAD for the Daily Chart – D1 Accelerator strategy. An opportunity moving back inline with the dominant trends of the market. A nice 40...

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