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FX Pair hit target yesterday...104pip winnerCreated: 11th Oct 2017

Today’s trade of the day is a daily trade occurring on the NZD/CHF pairing. We entered the trade on Tuesday 26th September and closed out today netting 104 pips profit....

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Another trade on Brent Crude! 36 pips this timeCreated: 10th Oct 2017

Today’s trade of the day occurred on Brent crude oil again. This buy signal was triggered using our powerful S4 strategy, we entered the trade at 56.09 and exited at 56.45 resulting in a 36 pip gain. 36 pips at £5 a pip is an impressive £180 profit from the one trade! Want to lean how we do this ? Interested in learning how to trade the financial markets or looking to start developing you’re existing trading strategies? Get in touch or come watch one of our weekly webinars!  ...

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Trade on Brent Crude bags 100pipsCreated: 9th Oct 2017

Today’s trade of the day showed a short D1 trade triggering on Brent crude oil. We entered this trade at 56.065 and sold at 55.065 resulting in another impressive 100 pips net profit! That’s £500 profit on the one trade if you were trading £5 a point! Want to learn how we do this? Looking for a trading strategy? Come along to one of our trading seminars and see how it’s done!...

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Important FX news for week ahead - 9th OctoberCreated: 9th Oct 2017

Quieter week this week. FOMC minutes on Wednesday as always very important especially after that NFP data miss, as well as further guidance on CPI and Retail sales in the USA on Friday.   There was also ripples in the FX and index markets on Friday after non farm payroll came in way under expectations. -33k jobs instead of 88k expected! Sure the Dollar jumped immediately on the data, but as common sense would suggest, it then fall after 3pm Friday.   Oil markets fell on the week, in fact giving us great short opportunities on Brent and Nymex, and profits on both, Nymex closing over $2 down on the week...

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A recap of last weeks best tradesCreated: 9th Oct 2017


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