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Trade of the day - S4 Bags 18pipsCreated: 10th Jul 2017

 Today’s trade of the day is an S4 trade occurring on the EUR/GBP Pairing. Occurring on Thursday evening  at 6pm, this trade closed out within 16 hours, netting over 18 pips profit. Here at Trendsignal we can teach how to identify key signals, through our training programme, to help you become a successful trader and make money trading.  ...

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Financial market news - 10th JulyCreated: 10th Jul 2017


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Trade of the day - 26pip WinnerCreated: 6th Jul 2017

  Our "4 trading strategy net us 26 pips in under 8 hour on cable this morning. If you would like to learn our powerful trading strategy join a free online course next week to get a taster of how we trade....

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Trade of the day - D1 Strategy winnerCreated: 5th Jul 2017

  Trendsignal's D1 strategy highlighted a fantastic trade on the NZD/CAD a few days ago. This short went on to hit target yesterday for 100 pips profit. If you would like to learn a profitable trading strategy book in for our free trading course. We will be holding webinars tomorrow at 12:30pm and Thursday at 7pm....

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Trade of the day - S4 WinnerCreated: 4th Jul 2017

our S4 strategy highlighted a short on the GBP/CAD at the end of last month. If you are looking to learn how our profitable trading strategies can benefit you book yourself into one of our webinars this week and we will show you how you can make money from the financial markets!...

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