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Our Story

The trading indicators and strategies were first used by institutions and brokers to promote more disciplined trading. The popularity and more importantly the success of the analysis prompted the development of the Trendsignal indicators for use by individuals in the retail market. 

The indicators we developed and launched in 2003 as a collaborative effort between a number of successful full time traders and IT professionals with combined experience of over 90 years.

Whilst the indicators have had a number of upgrades over the years, the essence of the indicators and philosophy remains the same now as it was then, to provide individual traders with high quality, yet simple to use trading strategies that work.

Over the years many traders have come and gone but the successful ones have a number of common traits - They are organised, disciplined, patient and they all have a trading plan. Trendsignal technical analysis indicators and trading strategies provides key information about market trends and as such is vital in the execution of a successful trading plan.

Our customers now benefit from our experience in trading the financial markets with our Complete Trading Package including indicators, strategies, interactive workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching.


Company Vision

Trendsignal’s vision is to provide the means for anyone to trade the financial markets effectively with complete focus on the outcome for our clients.


Mission Statement

Trendsignal empowers individuals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to profit from the financial markets. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in us all, providing the pathway, guidance and support to realise our potential.

Our staff are committed to “outcomes for clients” – Not how successful we think our clients should be but ensuring that we deliver the resources for clients to get their desired outcome.

We are passionate in supporting client aspirations. We understand our clients dreams whilst constantly working to improve the experiences and outcomes for our clients now and in the future.


Our team

Jerry Miller

Managing Director

Adrian Buthee


Zoran Vucenovic

Associate Director

Sam Lewis

Associate Director

Jeven Singh

Marketing & IT Executive

Lewis Clamping

Business Development Manager

Stuart Hopkins

Associated Director

Mike Mullaney

Trader Coach

Joel Tremlett

Business Development

Emily Noble

Business Development

Graham Morris

Trader Coach

Phil Sweet

Trader Coach

Tom Heal

Business Development Graduate

Don Kurian

Business Development Graduate

Shannon Smith

Customer Support Manager

Nicola Malik

Business Admistration

Sehresh Latif

Customer Support Executive

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