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130 points profit trading the Dow 2-minute chartsCreated: 31st Jan 2020

  Another great day on the markets and another video reviewing how we can get on these moves from following a rules-based approach. In today’s video, Adrian takes a look at 2 different ways of managing trades, whether new or a...

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Making 100 pips profit on EUR/NZD – against the trendCreated: 31st Jan 2020

  In today’s video Adrian Buthee takes a look at a new Sniper Against the Trend trade, and how we can use simple chart pattersn to tip the odds in our favour, to add to trading confidence. If you would like to see how you could...

Category: Trade of the day

A great +79pip Trading OpportunityCreated: 31st Jan 2020


Category: Trade of the day

The Stock Market catches a cold on the CoronavirusCreated: 28th Jan 2020

  It’s all change in the markets. After a timely definition of “Short Selling” in last week’s Podcast we have seen a rapid turn around in global stock markets in the wake of Coronavirus threats. Traders are...

Category: Podcast

Another 145 points profit Day Trading the Dow (£1450 profit)Created: 28th Jan 2020

  What a day! The Coronavirus is creating some big moves on the market. We did a video for the earlier trades on Friday, but here is an update for the trades that happened later in the day. One Short and a further Buy trade into the...

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