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How the UK election has affected the Forex and Stock MarketsCreated: 9th Jan 2020

  What a week last week, as the UK electorate chose a massive Conservative majority in the General Election. Today, we are going to take some time to look at the impact on the FX and stock markets and how this might affect us in the...

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UK Election, GBP to 1.3200 and how interest rates move the marketsCreated: 9th Jan 2020

  This week, Jerry and Adrian look at the UK Election and 3 major central banks interest rate decisions and the likely impact on the markets. Adrian reviews major resistance levels on the GBP and S&P markets and potential...

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Do you understand enough to be a profitable trader?Created: 3rd Dec 2019

The campaign trail continues for the UK General election, but with Non-Farm Payroll on Friday, we take a look at the likely drivers of movement for the coming week. We are also going to drill into the results of last week’s LIVE POLL and...

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How seasonal factors impact the Stock and Forex marketsCreated: 3rd Dec 2019

The UK election campaigning and US/China Trade war continues but today, as we approach Winter and Black Friday, we are going to take a look at the Seasonal Factors that impact the Forex and Stock markets; how to profit from the common patterns...

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Trade War, Client Sentiment and Record HighsCreated: 19th Nov 2019

The US / China Trade War continues to push US Stocks to new highs as optimism increases about a preliminary deal. But what now? Will the markets continue to rise? What about Sentiment? What about Value? Will the Dow move in the same way as the...

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