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Financial market newsCreated: 24th Oct 2016


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Trades of the weekCreated: 24th Oct 2016


Category: Trades of the week

Trade of the day - EUR/USDCreated: 19th Oct 2016

The sniper circle strategy provided us with pin point entry on the EUR/USD trade today, we saw a gradual move towards our target of 20 pips within a few hours of entry. Secure your place on our next webinar to learn to trade this strategy on different markets and larger timeframes....

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Trade of the dayCreated: 18th Oct 2016

Our Sniper Trading Strategy highlighted a fantastic trade this morning on AUD/USD. This trade which banked members 20 points. It’s a great example of why we use the set and forget system in our trading. If you would like to learn to trade or find a simple trading strategy that can provide you with regular winners.  Come along to our online trading seminar to see if you could use this trading system too. The next one is on the 18th of October at 7 pm.                ...

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Trade of the day - UKOilCreated: 17th Oct 2016

Fantastic trading opportunities on UKOIL today using our flagship sniper circle trading strategy. Took 40 points from the markets today equating to £400 of tax free income for members trading at £10 per point. Learn to trade this strategy on more markets and larger time frames where we target 100 points per trade.                ...

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