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Trade of the day - EUR/GBPCreated: 31st Aug 2016

Our Sniper strategy highlighted a fantastic trade this afternoon on EUR/GBP. This trade banked members 20 points in a single hour. To see it live in action book a place on our next webinar. The next one is on the 1st of September at 12:30pm....

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Trade of the day - FTSE100Created: 30th Aug 2016

For the trade of the day, we traded the FTSE100 and extracted 20 points using our flagship sniper circle strategy. For our members trading at £10 per point, this trade has equated to £200 of tax free income from being able to spot a red disk on a chart. To learn how we highlight these trading opportunities and how you can too, secure you place on our next webinar....

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Financial market newsCreated: 30th Aug 2016


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Trade of the day - XAU/USDCreated: 23rd Aug 2016

Mixed things up today and used our flagship sniper circle strategy to trade some commodities . Traded GOLD and took 20 points from the markets  within an hour to net members trading at £10 per point £200 of tax free profit.                  ...

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Trade of the dayCreated: 22nd Aug 2016

We kicked off this trading week with a fantastic trade on GBP/AUD which saw members take 20 points from the markets. Our members trading at £10 per point have increased their accounts by £200 using this simple to follow rules based trading strategy.                      ...

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